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Adding a puppy to your life greatly increases the love and companionship within your entire family. When you are looking to embrace the joy of dog ownership, that is the time to contact us at Labradoodles and Labs. We are Labrador breeders in Robertson County who are proud of the healthy and happy puppies we provide to animal lovers. Give us a call to learn how we raise our puppies with love and care so that they fit in beautifully in your home and become your loyal best friend for years to come. All of our puppies are AKC or CKC registered.

Big Love from a Small Operation

At Labradoodles and Labs, we are a small operation that showers care, love, and attention on our Labrador and Labradoodle puppies. We only have a few litters a year so that we can give each pup the attention that he or she deserves. Our passion is breeding and raising dogs, and we do everything possible to have the best puppies available. That includes owning the mother and father dogs and keeping them onsite with us.

Helping You Prepare for Your New Arrival

Dogs aren’t an impulse purchase; they are a lifetime commitment, which is why we carefully select the homes each of our babies will join. Although the puppies from our Labrador & Labradoodle litters are for sale, they are much more than a product we sell. They enter our lives as helpless animals and grow into loving companions that we would do anything to protect.

Our goal is to match the right puppy to the right people, so you can be confident that your furry friend will integrate into your life more easily. We take the time to make sure you understand the grooming, training, and health requirements for your new canine companion.

Puppies are a lot of work, so preparing for their antics is critical. Contact us for advice and information about what you will need before your new family member arrives. From the food they eat to the recommended vaccination schedule, we are happy to help in any way we can.

If you have any questions about our Labrador & Labradoodle litters for sale, please reach out to us. We love to talk about our dogs and are happy to provide information about them, their parents, and what it is like to live with them.

Contact us by calling or texting (270) 604-3014 or use the form below to learn more about the puppies we have available, our practices, and arranging a visit to see our dogs in person. Please note that texting works best due to having poor service in my home area.  We accept Credit or Debit Cards, PayPal, Venmo, Personal Checks and Cash.